Security Holograms

We help card producers and security printing companies to deliver documents fully resistant against all kinds of counterfeiting through an implementation of leading edge optical security technologies.

The hologram is a recorded image which shows the whole volumetric space of the object or image, as opposed to a conventional picture, painting or photograph which displays an object from a single viewpoint. Holograms are based on light diffraction and interference.

Holograms are mainly used for anti-counterfeit protection because their copying is incomparably more difficult than traditional 2D pictures copying. Some holograms cannot be copied at all. Attaching hologram to a protected item and properly instructing users about optical illusions thus create an overwhelming barrier against forgery. Users do not need any special equipment for reliable identification of genuine items.

However, it is not true for all holograms. The technology has existed since 70th and underlying physical principle was invented even much earlier. The first generations holograms can now be imitated by sophisticated and well equipped attackers. It is even possible to start mass production of faked holograms.

OPTAGLIO is the global leader in the most advanced technology for hologram creation, e-beam lithography. We have reached a unique accuracy, with resolution of 2,5 million DPI (meaning that a detailed map of the Moon can be placed on space of one square centimeter). Special mathematic algorithms than cannot be derived back from a hologram are used.

Never ever has succesfully falsified a document protected with our optical security elements.

We have also developed special visual effects and patented some of them. Nobody else can imitate these special effects. We have invested huge effort into development of methods of integration of security holograms into different products and materials, such as polycarbonate cards, PVC cards, paper, metal etc. Now we can offer more options in this area than any of our competitors.

Comprehensive machinery for security printing and background printing (flexo printing) enables OPTAGLIO to take over responsibility for entire production process of a paper-based document.