Microholograms are extremely small metallic particles (from 40 micrometers), which look like dots grains of metallic dust to a naked eye. Viewed under magnification, it is obvious that these particles are of regular shape and with holographic surface. In addition to that, alphanumerical symbols can be engraved into the microholograms.

There are many ways microholograms can be applied to the protected item.

  • -     µH Layer a µH Overlay products for polycarbonate cards
  • -     Cover foil for other cards
  • -     Hot stamping for paper-based documents
  • -     Holographic paper containing microholograms
  • -     Holographic lacker with microholograms
  • -     Holographic stripes  
  • -     Holographic stickers

…and other methods.

Microholograms further enhance technological advantage over falsifiers. 

 Microholograms enable several levels of inspection.

  • -     Basic intuitive inspection by a naked eye (presence of microholograms)
  • -     Detailed inspection with a magnifier (letters engraved and presence of holographic surface)
  • -     More detailed inspection with a microscope (viewing hologram including all visual effects
  • -     Forensic inspection