About Optaglio

OPTAGLIO is a leading global provider of advanced optical security devices and the market leader in e-beam lithography. Throughout almost 25 years of existence, we have delivered over one billion holograms to governments, financial institutions and other organizations in over 50 countries around the world. Our unique technology has been recognized worldwide as the industry standard for optical security.

We are the global leader in e-beam lithography. 

OPTAGLIO, certified to relevant international standards, operates under strict 24/7 security supervision. Our comprehensive security system covers people, processes, data and facilities. The company is a member of the International Hologram Association (IHMA) through which it registers all its security devices and holograms in the central security register, in London.

At OPTAGLIO we implement cutting-edge technology to protect the income of our customers. Our philosophy is to provide high-end security solutions for protection of goods and documents for everyday life. We believe that the innovative approach and constant development are the key factors to influencing the success of our products.

Download ISO 9001:2023 certificate.