Absolutely resilient holograms

The falsifiers can attack an optical security elements basically from three sides. They can attempt to imitate them through:

-          Production of the same holograms, or even a mass production.

-          Production of holograms with similar graphical effects to confuse users.

-          Removing a hologram and applying it into a forgery document.

Optaglio’s products cover all of these types of attacks. We can guarantee that none of them will be successful.

It is impossible to produce the same hologram because we use e-beam lithography based on mathematic algorithms that cannot be derived back from a ready hologram. Read more…

It is impossible to produce a very similar hologram because we apply special visual effects developed by Optaglio. Nobody else can emulate them in a comparable quality. Read more…

It is impossible to remove a hologram a place it into a forgery documents. Through using our patented technologies, we can guarantee irreversible disintegration of a hologram in case any handling attempt. Read more…