Paper based documents

Although there is a long-term tendency toward plastic cards, and especially towards polycarbonate, it is true that paper-based documents are still very important. Their producers need to meet high standards on appearance and durability. With growing general availability of advanced printing technologies, it is also necessary to implement stronger protection against document forging. Security holograms are the strongest available protection technology.

Security holograms for paper-based documents must meet the following criteria:

  • -     Strong protection against manipulation and imitation
  • -     Interesting appearance, authentic visual effects
  • -     Absolute inseparability and assured self-destruction case of any attempt at its removal
  • -     Sufficient operating life. Brightness and other features need to sustain during the entire lifecycle of a document.

OPTAGLIO’s holograms protect paper-based documents for more than 20 years. You can meet them around the world, on different kinds of paper-based documents. This virtually unrivaled experience is integrated into our products. We help security printing companies to guarantee that their document will be never successfully imitated. 

Never ever has successfully falsified a document protected by our optical security elements.