Ability to differentiate between the genuine document and a forgery one is critical. However, the ability to identify a particular exemplar can even further enhance a level of anti-counterfeit protection. Serial numbers give only limited certainty because they can be tampered easily.  

It could seem that security holograms cannot be used for identification of particular documents. How can we identify a particular hologram when all of them are produced from the same master hologram? However, OPTAGLIO has developed a solution sometimes described as “document holographic fingerprint.” It is based on microholograms, tiny metallic particles with holographic surface and engraved letters. These microholograms of size from 40 micrometers are scattered in the defined area of the document. Therefore each card is an original that can be easily distinguished from other cards.

"You can exactly identify from what passport was the abused element removed, who was its holder..."

A software application covers the following functions:

  • -          Getting documents with a particular distribution of holograms, create database records and provide them with metadata.
  • -          Keeping records in accordance with information security requirements (confidence, integrity, availability).
  • -          Getting a card during an identity check, comparing with database records and identifying it.


OPTAGLIO’s clients are free to make choice between different ways of application:

  • Delivery of microholograms “scattered” and sealed into a foil, overlay, paper etc.
  • OR
  • Delivery of microholograms and machinery equipment to apply OVImage in-house.