MF-ID Card Hologram Applicator

Covering both anti-counterfeit protection and individual documents identification by a single product is something that has been desired by virtually every card manufacturer with a visionary imagination. OPTAGLIO is bringing a unique innovative application technology to meet this requirement.

The key benefits of MF - ID Card Hologram Applicator for card producers are the following:

  • -     Joining of anti-counterfeit protection and MAKING EACH INDIVIDUAL DOCUMENT UNIQUE into a single production step. 
  • -     Implementing an ELEMENT WHICH CAN BE NEVER EVER REPEATED OR REPRODUCED into each document.
  • -     Creating an ability to identify each individual document DURING ITS ENTIRE LIFECYCLE, including after handing to its holder.
  • -     The possibility of INSTALLMENT IN ANY PRODUCTION FACILITY as the machine is broadly customizable and easy to operate. 

Function description:

The architecture or applicator of MF-ID Card Hologram Applicator is based on a mechanism for very precise rewinding of polycarbonate foil. This rewinder is equipped with both-side cleaning system to ensure meeting the industrial standards on clean and dust-free production environment.

 The application part works over the continually moving polycarbonate film.  It consists of vibration containers with microparticles and a number of application heads. Microparticles are scattered by the containers in a random number and mutual position. The heads are transporting onto polycarbonate foil and attach them with a special liquid.

 Input: Microholograms and endless polycarbonate film.

Output: The polycarbonate film with particles randomly scattered in predefined areas.

This architecture of MF - ID Card Hologram Applicator results in the following benefits:

  • -     Each individual document has its own unique easy readable and unrepeatable “fingerprint” created by microparticles position.
  • -     Adhesive-free application technology. Special liquid incorporates microparticles into polycarbonate surface and then disappears.
  • -     A final polycarbonate document contains microparticles only - no adhesives or other chemicals are present.
  • -     A simple application method satisfying all requirements for polycarbonate documents production.
  • -     Full customization of the machine according to particular customer requirements.
  • -     Machine operated by one operator

Introduce OVImage technology by OPTAGLIO into your polycarbonate document

  • -     The most advanced protection against counterfeiting based on microholograms
  • -     Various levels of inspection. From document user basic inspection by a naked eye up to forensic methods.
  • -     Technology proved by using on IDs and Passports in many countries
  • Find more information about Optaglio OVImage