Visual effects

With growing technical advancement of falsifiers demandingness of users force document producers to implement innovative inimitable visual effects. To meet such requirements, OPTAGLIO developed a range of new products enabling creation of new visual illusions. Their imitation is extremely difficult, imitation in comparable quality is impossible at all. Read more about resilience of our holograms.

Nanogravure. This method enables creation of 3D illusionary objects. It is great at smoothness, optical quality and subtle details. The technology offers unique tools for creation of transparent holograms visible in low quality lighting.

Kinetic3D. This method has been developed for creation of holograms bringing an illusion of plastic relief. Kinetic3D enables bright colors, much brighter than ordinary holograms.

We help to create authentic inimitable appearance of your documents. 

Real3D. High brilliance and full color scale are typical for this technology. It also provides tools for effects that cannot be creating with any other technology, at least at comparable quality. The list of special effects includes fluent up and down moving and left and right moving in different axis that incident light. Switching between levels with managed deepness and short animations can be applied using Real3D.

Hidden3D. Seemingly trivial hologram is illuminated with a monochromatic light coming in at a sharp angle. New illusion object shining bright colors emerged from deep background. Such arrangement can be created with Hidden3D, the emerging object can be animated.

HiddenQR. A QR code emerges from the background as soon as the hologram is enlightened by stigmatic light. The QR is machine readable with a normal smartphone and can include product information, web address etc.