OVMesh™ is a metallic holographic microsystem for protection of polycarbonate documents (E-passports, ID cards, driving licenses, health cards, entrance cards) against counterfeit.


OVMesh™  combines the crucial properties of diffractive/holographic security features, i.e. the transparency of standard lamination foils and the excellent optical performance of metallized holographic foil. The material characteristics and the structure of the system creates a new level of protection of ID documents against couterfeit and fraud. The versatility of the system brings a revolutionary approch to the implementation of diffractive/holographic security features into an ID document design.

Metallic holographic structure OVMesh™  can have either continuous (patch or stripe) or non-continuous (texts, lines, guilloches, dots, etc.) metallic structure and can carry full range of diffractive/holographic features. The wide range of OVMesh™  structural elements and their combinations give designers security features flexibility, which is in accordance with the overall document design. It´s the first security solution for protection of polycarbonate documents which is able to become an integral part of overall document design.

The hologram content is designed in accordance with the OVMesh™  structure, i.e. registered and generic motifs may be used within one design.


OVMesh card

Product highlights

•  unique e-beam production technology
•  outstanding brightness
•  optical stability of the holographic image during data page lifetime
•  exceptional durability against delamination
•  covert laser readable features
•  variable transparency (fully metalized  to semi-transparent areas)
•  design versatility (can become an integral part of document design)
•  laser engraved sequential alphanumeric encoding and/or bitmap imaging
•  high level of tamper resistance

Achieving the highest standard of document protection

OVMesh™  provides the highest level of document protection against counterfeit and fraud. When the polycarbonate layer with OVMesh™ is laminated together with other layers forming  the sandwiched document, it becomes the integral part of the document body providing extremely  high level of tamper resistance. Once laminated, OVMesh™ is ready for laser engraving which  can be done either on OVMesh™ itself or on the layer below.

OVMesh card structure


OVMesh™  is supplied as a ready-made product suitable for immediate lamination. There are no additional steps such as hot-stamping required. OVMesh™  is applied either on the surface of polycarbonate sheet or pre-laminated between two polycarbonate sheets.

OVMesh™ fully complies with requirements of “ICAO 9303” and “Council (EU) regulation No. 2252/2004 on standards for security features and biometrics in passports and travel documents issued by Member States”.