OVDot Ink

Screen printing ink with OVDot® micro particles suitable for protection of paper documents, PVC and polycarbonate ID documents (E-passports, ID cards) against counterfeiting.

OVDot®  Ink permits the unique combination of high-speed printing application and excellent anti-counterfeiting performance of OVDot®. It creates a new standard in protection of paper and plastic documents at the inspection and forensic level of authentication.

OVDot® are microscopic metallic particles containing a variable code and holographic image originated in high resolution. OVDot®  Ink contains these micro particles in octagon shape in sizes between 100 – 120 μm and can carry one variable alphanumeric code.


Product highlights:

•   unique e-beam production technology
•   high application efficiency 
•   simple authentication control (using hand-held microscope)
•   suitability for lamination
•   tunable transparency/opacity by the addition of glitter (various colours available)
•   alphanumerical encoding
•   unambiguous identification of the issuer or owner

Visit the OVDot® product site for more information about OVDot® aplication.

OVDot® ink is supplied in two basic versions (water based and solvent based). The density depends on the size of the printed area and the required OVDot® density.